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What is NEET ?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a single-level national exam for medical aspirants seeking admission to medical courses across various institutes in the country. Qualifying the NEET exam opens up opportunities to pursue MBBS, BDS, AYUSH courses, and other related medical programs. Moreover, NEET scores are accepted by most private colleges for admissions, making it a fair and transparent examination that also offers opportunities in related fields.

The exam has 200 questions of which 180 questions must be attempted, 45 of which are from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology each. Each correct answer earns 4 marks, and each incorrect answer results in -1 mark due to negative marking. The NEET syllabus covers the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology taught in classes 11 and 12 as recommended by the NCERT(National Council of Educational Research and Training).

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How does NEET work ?

  • NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a paper-pencil based test (PBT) of 3 hours and 20 minutes duration.
  • There are a total of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), out of which 180 questions have to be attempted.
  • The syllabus of the exam consists of Physics Chemistry and Biology subjects.

  • The Biology subject is segregated between Zoology and Botany.
  • Each subject will be divided into two sections, Section A and Section B. Section A carries 35 questions and Section B carries 15 questions.
  • While all 35 questions can be attempted in Section A, in Section B, 10 questions out of 15 have to be attempted.
  • Each question carries four answer options and the correct option has to be marked on the OMR sheet.
  • According to the marking scheme, each correct question carries 4 marks and there is a negative marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer.

NEET Exam Pattern 2024

The table below summarizes the NEET Test format.

Subject Number of Questions
Physics 45
Chemistry 45
Botany 45
Zoology 45
Total 180

What are the topics covered in the NEET Exam?

Subject Year   
Physics Year 1 Physical world and measurement, Work, Energy and Power, Laws of Motion, Kinematics, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Gravitation, Bulk Matter and its properties, Thermodynamics, Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Waves and Oscillations.
Year 2 Electrostatics, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Currents, Electromagnetic Waves, Electronic Devices, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Atoms and Nuclei.
Chemistry Year 1 Fundamentals of Chemistry, Structure of Atom, Classification of Elements, Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Hydrogen, s-Block Element and p-Block Elements, Organic Chemistry Principles and Techniques, Hydrocarbons and  Environmental Chemistry.
Year 2 Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, p-Block Elements, d and f-block elements, Surface Chemistry, Processes of Isolation of Elements, Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life.
Botany Year 1 The living world, Biological classification, Plant kingdom, Morphology of flowering plants, Anatomy of flowering plants, Cell the unit of life, Cell cycle and cell division, Plant Physiology.
Year 2 Sexual reproduction in flowering plants, Molecular basis of Inheritance, Principles and process of Biotechnology, Ecosystem.
Zoology Year 1 Animal Kingdom, Structural Organization in Animals, Biomolecules, Breathing and exchange of gasses, Chemical Coordination, Digestion and Absorption, Excretory products and their elimination, Locomotion and Movement, Body Fluids and Circulation, Nervous System
Year 2 Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health, Evolution, Health and Disease, Microbes, Strategies for Enhancing Food Production, Biotechnology – Applications, Processes and Principles.

How does V K S Excellent Training Institute prepare you for NEET?

  • We carefully review the NEET syllabus content and prioritise chapters based on their weightage.
  • Our focus is on building a strong foundation by understanding each topic’s fundamental concepts and principles.
  • We engage the students in practice sessions with varying levels of difficulty. Solving a variety of problems will enhance speed and accuracy.
  • In addition to topic-wise worksheets, we ensure that students solve previous years’ question papers and specimen papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.
  • All our students take regular mock tests to assess their progress and identify areas that need improvement.
  • We allocate enough time to each topic based on its importance and the level of expertise required.
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